7 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue

Wisconsin Questions To Ask Wedding Venue: Marriage Planning Checklist

Planning a wedding can be complicated. It can be fun and exciting, it can be hectic and stressful, and it’s usually all of those things at some point. At the top of the marriage planning checklist is usually choosing a wedding venue. Brides often have their heart set on either an airy outdoor ceremony, a classic church wedding, or a destination venue to get away from it all. What they sometimes don’t think about are the best questions to ask the wedding venue. Wisconsin’s top outdoor wedding venue is here to provide seven simple questions to pose to an event center you’re considering holding either your wedding, reception, or both.


How many people can this location accommodate?

So important, especially if you have large families!


Pricing:  discounts for certain days?  Deposit?  When’s it due?  Is it refundable?

Is there a payment plan?  A cancellation policy?  Get all of this in writing so you’re prepared for anything!


What’s your weather contingency plan?

Although rain on a wedding day is said to bring good luck, a soggy wedding dress isn’t in anyone’s best interest.


Is this facility a wedding reception facility as well as ceremony friendly?

Some couples prefer having their guests jump locations and some want it all in one spot; don’t forget to check and see what your event venue can provide!


What time can my vendors start setting up?

Can we start the day before?  What about deliveries and decor setup?


Ask about alcohol licensing and music!

If you want alcohol served, make sure it’s legally allowed.  And check to see if the wedding reception venue can accommodate a DJ or a live band.


Is there in-house catering?  Am I allowed to hire my own?

What about linens, tables, chairs, glassware, plates, and silverware?

There you have it—seven questions to ask your wedding venue in Wisconsin. Your wedding planning checklist isn’t complete without a visit to Roosevelt Hills Event Center, your premier Northwest Wisconsin outdoor wedding venue. Happy planning!